What is your method when it comes to making important decisions? Do you rely on logic or are you guided by “gut” instinct? Do you count on sophisticated research and can you master technical jargon, or do you have “street smarts” and are you able to guard against the sham? 

In the Appalachian Angel Investor Alliance, we help our members to ask the right questions. Selecting quality companies when trying to make early-stage angel investments is a challenge. Studies show return on investment is twice as high when investments are in deals connected to multiple investors’ industry expertise. Investors that go it alone or make deals without having access to shared due diligence give up potential checks and balances as they’re making important investment decisions.

“Through dedication and hard work, you’ve become outstanding at what you do. You’ve done well investing in stocks, bonds, and real estate also. But… even with all your experience, does it seem complicated and too risky to start investing in small, unknown companies? In start-ups and new technology?  Angel Capital Group—part of the Appalachian Angel Investor Alliance—was my answer…. I was connected with a growing list of investors and experts from around the region. If it’s true that “two heads are better than one,” the Alliance brings ten, twenty… or more heads together to evaluate every deal. Scientists and engineers; finance and operations professionals; salespeople, marketers, C-suite executives and potential customers.”

Jeff McCamy
Founder, McCamy Construction
Knoxville, TN

The Appalachian Angel Investor Alliance brings together angels and entrepreneurs in a way that rewards innovation, encourages new business, and raises up hometown deal champions. The Alliance evaluates private placement offerings available only to accredited investors. Our members are local men and women like you: experienced knowledgeable, and active in the community; angels looking to find deals in almost every industry sector. We want to help bring forward the future in Appalachia. We want the entrepreneurial spirit to rise, people in Appalachia to be proud, and communities to celebrate every success.

We’re expecting that you want that too. Join us!

The AIA is already making a big impact.


The Appalachian Investors Alliance brings together individual and institutional accredited investors that are committed to helping new and small businesses succeed. If your net worth exceeds $1,000,000; if your single or joint annual incomes exceeds $200,000 or $300,000 (respectively); or if you are an entity defined under US law as being an “accredited investor,” we invite you to download our free angel investing e-book by clicking on the “Should I become an Angel?” button below.