April Russell Perry
April Russell Perry AIA Chairman
April Russell Perry, a native of Ashland Kentucky, is Chairman of the Board and CEO of Kentucky Farmers Bank (KFB)
Justin Mandel
Justin MandelAIA President
Justin leads the Alleghenies Angel Fund’s activities on a day-to-day basis and focuses on generating investment…
John Davis
John DavisAIA Director
John Davis is Executive Vice President and Deputy Trust and Asset Management Executive of Cadence Bank. Davis has more than 42 years in the Trust and Financial Management services industry.
Michael I. Green
Michael I. Green AIA Director
Mike Green of Morgantown, WV serves as AIA’s Chairman of the West Virginia Growth Investment Fund
Philip Borneman
Philip BornemanAIA Director
Philip Borneman is a managing partner of P&L Partners, which invests in and advises early-stage companies.


James Hart
James Hart Executive Director
Jim Hart is based in Knoxville, TN and serves at the Executive Director of the Appalachian Investors Alliance and President/CEO of HBS Group, Inc.
Scott Ewing
Scott Ewing Principal Business Analyst
Scott Ewing is a co-founder and Principal Business Analyst in the Appalachian Investors Alliance not-for-profit corporation…
Steven B. Mercil
Steven B. Mercil Fund Management and Formation
Steve Mercil is widely recognized as “the most prolific angel group founder in the nation.”
Jeremy Turner
Jeremy TurnerBusiness Development Officer
Jeremy Turner is a Business Development Officer and Entrepreneurship Education Project Manager for AIA, and he is the Founder and President of the business consultancy, EPIC Mission, Inc.
Eric Fischer
Eric FischerBusiness Development Officer
Eric Fischer serves as Business Development Officer and Analyst for the Appalachian Investors Alliance.