Our focus is on seed- and early-stage funding for startup and small, growth-oriented companies. We’re helping entrepreneurs that have developed a sound business model based on an innovation or unique application of technology. At the stage when the entrepreneur has validated their technology with a commercial prototype or protocept, reached a business milestone by making early sales, and secured intellectual property rights, it then becomes feasible for angel investors to “bridge the gap” between the entrepreneur’s limited resources and later-stage venture capital financing. 

Having a repeatable process for identifying, assessing, and closing on angel investing opportunities is what distinguishes the Appalachian Investor Alliance (AIA) from what many angels do working solo.  

The lone angel many not have the time or resources to personally screen each deal that gets presented; they may not conduct background inquiries, plus technical and financial due diligence required to fully appreciate opportunities; and they may overweight their portfolio with just a few “high conviction” deals—adding substantial risk. 

Our approach is to foster high-performing angel funds. “High-performing” means that AIA funds establish clear values and align solid investing processes with those values. The Alliance funds are highly focused to achieve positive economic impact in their communities. We look for the best small companies, no matter where the deal originates—the object is for our members to empower their communities by being successful as investors.

The AIA is already making a big impact.


The Appalachian Investors Alliance brings together individual and institutional accredited investors that are committed to helping new and small businesses succeed. If your net worth exceeds $1,000,000; if your single or joint annual incomes exceeds $200,000 or $300,000 (respectively); or if you are an entity defined under US law as being an “accredited investor,” we invite you to download our free angel investing e-book by clicking on the “Should I become an Angel?” button below.