For economic revitalization to occur, profitable activity must take over where formerly unprofitable businesses closed shop. Fostering profitable new businesses should be the object of leading citizens and economic developers everywhere. Community leaders that are dedicated to making their city a destination for 21st century jobs should focus on attracting and retaining to meet increasing demand. But to grow the right workforce requires getting serious about local firms’ achieving “Triple Bottom Line” growth. 

First Bottom Line: The traditional business accounting profit model.

Second Bottom Line:  That profit model matched with a regard for how socially responsible a firm is in its operations.

Third Bottom Line:  How environmentally responsible a company is. 

Triple Bottom Line growth takes into account three P’s—Profit, People and Planet. Only when a company manages a positive balance in all respects will it be considered to perform “profitably.” And profit is what will draw in outside investment. 

Investing in companies that pay attention to growing a Triple Bottom Line is not sentimentalism or a fad, but is key to forming a vibrant, entrepreneurial economy. Thoughtful angel capitalists know that, nowadays, business stakeholders are insistent on companies’ demonstrating good accounts in all three P’s. Having such good accounts matters…especially to young, skilled, and highly mobile workers. While older people lend their capital to create economic growth, it’s young people who are gifted with energy and initiative. Research shows young people launch the majority of new businesses in America. So, throughout Appalachia, effort must be directed at making young people want to stay on and remake communities that have been impacted by decline in traditional resource and manufacturing businesses. 

The Appalachian Investors Alliance is in the forefront of enabling that very effort.

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