Lobaki Case Study

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The Appalachia region, despite its true history of entrepreneurship, is not often regarded as a “hotbed” of cutting-edge technology.  The truth of the region is that self-reliance, invention, and entrepreneurship are old traditions of the Appalachians.  Today, that spirit of innovation manifests itself through technology startups. The North Mississippi Angel Fund, an AIA affiliated micro-venture fund,

Conservation Labs, Inc. Case Study

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The affiliated funds of the Appalachian Investors Alliance are always looking for key characteristics in potential portfolio companies: sound company foundation, strong leadership, a well-designed product with clear advantages in the market, IP, and at least one sales channel ready to enter market.  These characteristics represent the three types of risk that investors, even Impact

TSAIG Fund I and Fund II

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The Appalachian Investors Alliance (AIA) supports economic development and access-to-capital programs in Appalachia.  The organization helps entrepreneurs understand how to structure, execute, and present their ventures to investors.  And, it helps investors better understand how to smartly deploy private resources to create the maximum impact in their communities. A group of visionary leaders from Ashland,